“Dboy for President”

As far as punk rock schtick goes, the Ramones set the bar high. Their adherence to their iconic ethos and aesthetic was rigid, right down to artist (and oft-called fifth Ramone) Arturo Vega’s classic logo, riffing off the Seal of the U. S. President. The Ramones were all-American, all-aggression, and world-dominating, with the looks and guitar licks to prove it.

Now, a trio boasting a 13-point manifesto, blood red satin jackets and a pair of leather gimp hoods is launching their own punk rock campaign for world domination, starting with a propaganda-fuelled video determined to free the world from the “forces of sonic austerity.” World, bow down to the irresistible power of Dboy and hail them as your leader. “Dboy for President” is the (unofficially) Welland, Ontario-based band’s three-pronged attack on the senses and all common sense. Dboy boasts an army of devoted Scouts, whose latest convert is Attack In Black and Grey Kingdom alumnus Spencer Burton. The mockumentary video for “Dboy for President” finds Burton falling in line with Dboy, ditching his proletarian uniform for the band’s signature swag.

Such devotion to style and story would be nothing without the musical substance to back it up, and Dboy has that in spades. From lightning-fast punk-fuelled guitar licks, and gravel-voiced sing-shout vocals, to heart pounding, breakneck drumming, yellow ascots, and black leather bondage gear, Dboy is on a mission to make music fun again.

Four more years? Try Dboy forever.

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