Follow the Call: April 2024

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The actual written reviews might be mini, but these mighty fine releases are more than worthy of your time, attention, and support.

Bad Egg, Century Egg


On their new EP, Century Egg, Southern Ontario-based hardcore punks Bad Egg take all the hallmarks of the genre—genius use of samples from TV shows, movies, and songs (keep an ear peeled for one of the most stirring samples at the end of “T.F. United”), deep bass lines, super riffy guitars, heavy guitars, and rage-filled vocals—and turn it up way past eleven. The lyrics pull no punches (and walk on no eggshells) as the band rips into landlords, shine a light on the horrific prioritization of profits over people in our society, and talk about mental health. According to the Bandcamp description of Century Egg, this is the first of two “major releases” that Bad Egg will be releasing this year, and I am excited to hear what they’ll put out next. • Em Moore

Gulfer, Third Wind


Bursting with energy and enthusiasm, Gulfer’s fourth album, Third Wind, shows the band on top of their game. The Montreal-based quartet leans into their shoegaze and indie rock influences while still remaining true to their signature mathy emo sound, resulting in ten tracks that explore environmental issues, burnout, and existentialism with tons of melody, introspective lyrics and an ethereal quality that is hard to put into words. Third Wind proves that even after a decade, Gulfer remains a creative powerhouse. • Em Moore

Kwiat, “Follow the Call”


Kwiat’s debut single, “Follow the Call,” is dancy and fun and begs listeners to follow their dreams. • Alyssa Gelata

Don River – “Everything’s Good (Right Now)”


I don’t think I’m the only one who gets a little worried when it seems like things are going a little too well for a little too long. Don River perfectly captures this subtle feeling perfectly in his song “Everything’s Good (Right Now)”, especially the part that goes, “Is everything good right now?” in every single chorus. • Alyssa Gelata

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