Devours, Feist, DEBBY FRIDAY, and more: DOMINIONATED's Favourite Fifty 2023 Playlist

Not to pat ourselves on the back, but we really can’t say enough about the excellent choices our team made in pulling together DOMINIONATED’s annual Favourite Fifty albums list of 2023. We don’t call this list a “best of,” and that’s very much on purpose; who are we to definitively proclaim any one album better than another? together, these records make up our collective favourites of the past year, albums that all, some, or perhaps even just one of us kept in heavy rotation in 2023.

So why stop celebrating the Class of 2023 with just our published list? Now you can take forty-nine* of the Favourite Fifty of 2023 with you wherever you go by following and streaming the playlists below.

(*Read the full post to find out why one of the album’s is missing from the playlists.)