Northern Refractions: January 2024

It’s a new year (we can still say that, right?) and with it comes a new look and format for Northern Refractions. We’ve chosen to move away from a Mixcloud show format and transform our ambient, experimental, (mostly) instrumental exploration of the outer limits in Canadian music’s past, present, and future into a regularly updated playlist.

Follow and listen in on the latest transmission, featuring the following artists and compositions, via the embedded players below:

  1. Michael Peter Olsen – “Biorhythms (feat. Zoon)”
  2. Nick Schofield – “On Air”
  3. Christine Bougie – “The Gift”
  4. Bilal Nasser – “…So That Flies Drop Dead Mid-Air”
  5. shn shn – “first light”
  6. Tim Hecker – “Monotony”
  7. The Golden Age of Wrestling – “The Chauffer”
  8. Ginger Beef – “Takeout”
  9. Chris McGee – “I’s the B’y”
  10. Flore Laurentienne – “Au chouchant”
  11. Nicholas Lalonde – “​​Je comprends vite quand on m’explique lentement”
  12. Zonzo – “Dreams”
  13. Michelle Vynessa – “A Maze of Mirrors”
  14. Justin Wright – “Modular Winter”

Fortunato Durutti Marinetti 
Eight Waves In Search Of An Ocean 
Julie Arsenault 
Nothing Sweeter