Josephine Leone
“Vice Grip”

by Alyssa Gelata

July 18, 2019

Welcome to Ottawa’s one and only Josephine Leone. The band’s songs come packed with hearty vocals, mellow riffs, and deep meaning. They claim their music is “scrunge” — a genre which, if the internet is correct, is like grunge but slightly cleaner. I think that’s a good fit for Josephine Leone. 

At first listen, “Vice Grip” is an angst-driven song that (to me) seemed like retaliation against one’s overbearing lover. After watching the song’s video and investigating the lyrics further, I believe its meaning goes deeper. The backyard jam is a respite from the uncomfortable situation indoors where Josephine is grabbed at while wearing exposing clothing. Outside, she sings about her problems and has fun with her band, but back inside she doesn’t resist the strangers that keep reaching for her throat. 

While it might be hard to distinguish who this song is about, it’s still easy enough to see the meaning: It’s important to know the difference between a warm embrace and an oppressive hold. Whatever relationship you might be in — with a lover, a friend, a family member, or a coworker — make sure it’s a healthy relationship. Don’t wait until the hold seems too tight to get out of.

Alyssa Gelata

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Alyssa Gelata

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