"Where to Lie"

by Mac Cameron

September 30, 2016

Summer floated away last week, leaving room for the short-lived but glorious autumn weather that makes it bearable to wear clothes in my apartment. While I am thankful for the change of season, I know many see Fall as only a cruel precursor to Canada’s harsh winter. It’s like watching Auston Matthews dazzle during the World Cup of Hockey, all the while knowing that disappointment–or at best ill advised hope for the future–awaits the Toronto Maple Leafs this season and every other until the end of time.

“Where to Lie”, the closing track from Twist’s debut album Spectral, is the song you should play as the sun sets after 8 p.m. for the last time, or as the rain rolls in, delivering a crushing blow to the last of summer’s lingering humidity. It’s a sparse and mournful song featuring only a guitar drenched in reverb and Laura Hermiston’s almost whispered vocals. “Where to Lie” feels just as hopeful for the future as it is nostalgic for the past. It’s the perfect way to say goodbye to all that has been and say hello to all that is to come. Let Twist ease your post-summer blues while post-summer still exists.

Mac Cameron

While he is generally level-headed, Mac tends to get passionate about music. He was a contributor to Quick Before It Melts and is a member of Somersaulter.
Mac Cameron