The Pinc Lincolns
“(Theme for a) Blue Rider”

It’s always a joyful day to know that there’s new music from The Pinc Lincolns out in the world. “(Theme For A) Blue Rider” is the spacey first taste of the Winnipeg-based project’s forthcoming record, On The Plain. “(Theme For A) Blue Rider” orbits familiar pop constructs; jangly guitars and intricately entwined melodies circle lead Lincoln Dan Colussi’s dreamy vocals as the song swings from laid-back lullaby to full-throttle rocker and back again. Much like Colussi himself, who’s bounced between Vancouver, Toronto, and Winnipeg, the song takes a bit of a journey, navigating by stars and following its own intuition, before coming full-circle and returning home in under four minutes.

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