“Shake It”

by Josh Weinberg

January 31, 2018

Michele Dalgarno

Toronto’s Tomacco are unlike any retro throwback band you could conjure. “Shake It” proves you don’t have to be old to be wise about your influences. The mix of guitar riffs, phasers, and quasi-harpsichord synths will do a lot more than just get your toe tapping.

Frontman/multi-instrumentalist Denny Copf does triple duty: providing a confident, swaggering presence on vocals while busting out a guitar solo tinted with shades of Chuck Berry and B.B. King. And then the saxophone solos hit: His saxophone work is what ties this track together.

Buoyed by a driving drum groove and some adventurous basslines, “Shake It” is a solid debut track, with the saxophone work alone pushing it above mere garage-rock status. Give in to the rhythm, and let the downtown funk of Tomacco lead the way.

Josh Weinberg

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Josh Weinberg

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