Harley Alexander

by Laura Stanley

December 2, 2019

If you’re lucky, you will find a person — or maybe even people —  who makes you feel safe. They put a spell on the room, as Harley Alexander sings about on his new lo-fi pop tune “Riverbank,” and create a joyous refuge. They are a bright light that counteracts the deep, chilling darkness.

“Riverbank” is about a journey towards feeling secure. Alexander wades through a choppy current of guitars and a synth and ghostly images of feet sinking into wet sand, children playing, and a tombstone that’s slowly growing moss. The imagery is foreboding in many ways; loss is in plain sight. Still, Alexander manages to warmly capture the strength of support and pleasure in kindness. Put a spell on a room for somebody in your life. 

Laura Stanley

Contributor at DOMINIONATED
Laura is a freelance writer from Toronto. She was an editor of the now-defunct Canadian music blog Grayowl Point and is currently the folk & country editor of Exclaim! Magazine. She has a lot of feelings.
Laura Stanley

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