“Melody Day”

by Jim Di Gioia

June 20, 2017


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from asking musicians to cover another musician’s work, it’s that they’re always up for the challenge. For Rob Dickson and Merganzer, working on their interpretation of Caribou’s “Melody Day” presented the unique chance to get inside a song they both loved and mirror it using their own styles and tools.

They chose the song (from Caribou’s 2007 Polaris Music Prize-winning album Andorra) due to its “…subtly captivating energy and fierce melodies.” “The song’s music and lyrics seem to hint at the fleeting nature of joy,” says Dickson. “It’s a song that can lift you up and in the same moment release you–like breath, life; tidal or sinusoidal. Never fully balanced.”

Dickson and Merganzer worked together assembling melodies and musical phrases from Caribou’s 60’s psych/folktronica, weaving them into a soundscape of subdued classical guitar and dense atmospheric strings. Lyrics aren’t so much sung as they are lulled into the microphone, the subtle accents and harmonies imbuing Dickson and Merganzer’s version with intimacy and intensity.

Rob Dickson and Merganzer’s version of  Caribou’s “Melody Day” will be available as a free download on June 30, 2017, as part of DOMINIONATED IV, our fourth compendium of Canadian songs covered by Canadian artists.

Jim Di Gioia

Jim founded the music blog Quick Before It Melts in 2006 and was its principal writer until 2016, when its decade-long run ended 10 years to the day it started. DOMINIONATED is its spiritual successor. Jim currently serves as a Polaris Music Prize jurist and Prism Prize jurist.
Jim Di Gioia

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