by Josh Weinberg

July 19, 2018

Breakups happen all the time but are often unexpected, and sometimes affect us in ways we can’t possibly anticipate. That’s the mindset Dizzy bring to their latest single, “Joshua”. The song is bursting with 808s and borderline tropical percussion overlaid by a simply dreamy guitar line. Katie Munshaw’s stark vocals suggest an acute vulnerability, painting a picture of teenage heartbreak at its most raw and intimate.

Dizzy find just the right way to capture the naïveté of modern love, with lyrics that slowly hone in on those moments when the emotional distance is too much to bear (“Too cold to get close to, so I loved him through the wires”). The bridge is where these events culminate in the realization that “It was always in vain”. And that’s what ultimately makes “Joshua” the great song it is: by acknowledging the importance of moving on from someone in a healthy way, and with the best possible intentions.

Josh Weinberg

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Josh Weinberg

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