J Blissette
“Love Letter”

J Blissette, Alberta

Meghan MacWhirter

There really was a Deathbridge in Lethbridge in 2016. A much beloved venue called The Slice closed its doors concurrent with a number of local bands folding, including The Ruby Plumes, the former outfit of J Blissette (aka Jackson Tiefenbach). From the outside, the seismic shift in Lethbridge’s music scene may have seemed like the end of an era, but for Blissette, the end of one band afforded an opportunity for resolutions and renewal.

Backed by a band of music scene veterans (guitarist Cory Fischer is formerly of bands Participation and Internet Love; drummer Matthew Rederburg is also formerly of Internet Love and Saint Street; bassist Arnaud Sparks is currently of Bummer Club and formerly of Saint Street), J Blissette set about sobering up, inventing a new musical persona, and investing all their energy into learning how to “…to be a bit more of a frontman, and make better music.”

“Love Letter” is the first dispatch from a reinvigorated J Blissette. Its glammy, trashy, snarling punk attitude is spiked with charisma and spirited playing.  Blissette and bandmates take themselves seriously enough to infuse their music with passion while maintaining punk’s jocular attitude. It is the fresh start Blissette was aiming for, fuelled by the free-spirited fun of the city’s musical heritage, and setting a high bar for Lethbridge’s music scene to aspire to.

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