Frederick Squire
"Bike Thief"

Frederick Squire

Listen to “Bike Thief” and you’ll hear the way Frederick Squire build’s a song from the outside in, cracking a tough outer shell, exposing the tender fruit within in search of the seed, the essence at the core. It’s a song over ten years old, written while Squire was living in Dawson City, Yukon, now ripe and ready for harvest, plucked out and played by Squire in his basement home studio, pieced together with “ramshackle recording equipment”.

It’s from Spooky Action at a Distance, an album he recorded while balancing familial duties, and studying mechanical engineering. You wouldn’t know from the sombre, sober mood of the song that there was a whole other world happening upstairs. In four minutes, Squire unravels the complexities of life and show us the art inherent in everything.

Squire says he’s going to make robots after this record is out. I have no doubt they’ll be the most beautiful, melancholy robots you’ve ever seen; simple machines capable of bringing a grown man to tears.

Originally posted on Quick Before It Melts 18 April 2016.

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