The Courtneys
“Silver Velvet”

The Courtneys, Vancouver BC

Andrew Volk

There’s nothing Vancouver’s The Courtneys can say or do that will stop comparisons of their dynamic pop to that of their legendary Flying Nun label mates. You don’t sign to an iconic, underground recording company and get away without any RIYL summations and simplifications. In The Courtneys case, the comparisons are reasonable, if not out and out warranted. Still, there’s an element of the trio’s sound and style that transcends the mid-80s model of jangly guitar and romantic melodies Flying Nun is known for.

I don’t know why, but lately my conversations about pop music always come down to a comparison to food. In the case of The Courtneys, it fits; their essence tends more towards savoury than sweet. “Silver Velvet” finds the trio’s angelic tones powered by a monster rhythm section, not unlike voices from the recent past, but unequivocally rooted in the present.

Find yourself craving the combined kick of eating caramel and cheddar covered popcorn at the same time? Does the thought of honey and hot sauce set your senses on fire? I highly recommend you wrap yourself up in the Courtneys’ “Silver Velvet”.

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