Yu Su
Yellow River Blue

The stylistic agnosticism of Yu Su’s Yellow River Blue results in a fluid, dynamic listening experience.

Originally from Kaifeng, a Chinese city that sits on the southern bank of the Yellow River, Vancouver-based artist Yu Su refers to her debut LP, Yellow River Blue, in a recent Instagram post as “an ode to the mother river.” It’s fitting inspiration for a record that meanders through changing soundscapes, that both settles and rushes, that provides tangible thoroughfares between different moods, vibes and emotional states.

At times meditative (“Dusty”, “Melaleuca [at night]”) and propulsive (“Xiu”, “Melaleuca”), Yu Su’s brilliance lies in her ability to bridge these more pindown-able moments with ones that draw the listener into a serene state of ambiguity. The deep rhythmic pulses of “Futuro,” the jittery atmospherics of “Touch-Me-Not”, the anodyne trip-hop of “Gleam” — Yellow River Blue’s thrilling stylistic agnosticism results in a fluid, dynamic listening experience rife with currents and meanders for one to float along.

Young Galaxy