Uh Huh 
Uh Huh 

Telephone Explosion • 2023

Uh Huh’s self-titled debut is meditative, medicinal, and mood-altering in all the best ways possible.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve used music to get a good night’s sleep. Anything works, depending on my mood and state of mind: instrumental piano ballads; singer-songwriter soft rock; psychedelic techno; contemplative folk. In the last twenty-four months, I often have to bolster my nightly dose of music therapy with something more medicinal to alleviate stress and anxiety. Lately, I have been pairing my evening edibles with the self-titled debut from Toronto-based groove machine Uh Huh, maximizing my chill and minimizing my desire to listen to anything else.

Saying, “I love listening to your music as I fall asleep,” can potentially sound like a back-handed compliment, but it’s intended to be the highest compliment for Uh Huh. Once known as bitingly abrasive post-punkers Teenanger, Uh Huh undertook more than just a name change over the last few years. After releasing the spiky new wave album Good Time in 2022, Teenanger changed up its creative process and output. Leaning into the groovy work of their Telephone Explosion labelmates, Melissa Ball, Jon Schouten, Steve Sidoli, and Chris Swimmings played around by swapping instruments and immersed themselves in deep dub dives. Uh Huh, the album is probably not where the band or their fans ever expected them to land, but the shift in sonic style feels as organic and natural as a warm sativa buzz.

Uh Huh’s first single and album opener, “Somewhere Beyond,” softly launches listeners into the band’s lush and languid new vibes. It is all about that bass—bouncing, walking, and throbbing through the blissful “Good, You?” and blissed-out “Redemption Pause.” The arty rock shuffle of “Citrus Song” lays a tart melody over tight rhythms, topped by the blown-speaker production style glowing across the album’s eight tracks.

A heady fusion of post-punk ethos, angular art rock, and dub-inspired divergences, Uh Huh’s self-titled debut is more than just good music; it’s meditative, medicinal, and mood-altering in all the best ways possible.

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