Young Galaxy
“Stay For Real”

Young Galaxy
Cameron Mitchell


The first victims of any conflict situation are often empathy, compassion, and love. It’s hard to project oneself into another person’s situation and allow yourself the freedom to experience their feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Would our enemies willingly consider our perspective? Why try and see things from the other side when the other side wouldn’t ever consider my point of view?

Young Galaxy gets that our modern political and social times trying times call for loud and courageous voices to stand united against forces that intend to demoralize and cripple civilization. “Stay For Real” recognizes that the battle is mental as much as physical. It is their first single as newly independent artists; the song’s smooth, syncopated synths and trademark cerebral lyrics intended as a “statement of intent” going forward about what their “…responsibilities are as artists in this troubled time.” Let it be a reminder for all those that hear and feel the song’s reverberations: it is just as much a human responsibility to act as react, and to comfort as to criticize. After all, being human is the best way to stay real.

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