Double Double

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Double Double’s single, “Yellowknife”, has the soul-soothing quality of a modern Canadian folk tune. This easy-listen evokes the calm of being in nature; a more quiet connectedness than what we might find in the bustle of everyday life. Hailing from Edmonton, Neil Douglas Fraser and Landon Turlock released this single in 2019, which was preceded by their self-produced EP Tag Along in 2017. For this latest project, the duo introduced cello, piano, banjo, and drums into the mix, collaborating with Christina Kruszewski and Jessamy Vegter. The result is a beautifully blended mix of harmonies and traditional folk instruments.

The instrumental arrangement paired with simple, yet evocative lyrics make this song rich with feeling. Calling on natural imagery, “Yellowknife”’s lyrics touch on navigating unfamiliar landscapes away from home and those we love. The theme of loneliness resonates in the first verse: “catch a northbound flight in the early morning, to this town we both can call home, just so we don’t have to spend another night alone”. Despite the notions of solitude, “Yellowknife” also suggests a connectivity with nature that I think many of us could benefit from noticing more. In the line, “as I look at stars above me, you know I call myself lucky, just ‘cause I know that you’re looking at ‘em too”. 

“Yellowknife” does the important work of switching from a solitary perspective to a connected one, while promoting an appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us. While distance may keep us geographically separate, our connections to people and places we care about persist and ultimately take us where we need to be. In the end, the loneliness resolves as vocal harmonies come together to repeat the mantra, “I know my compass will guide me home to you”.

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