"You Own Your Bones"

WTCHS, She Walks, She Creeps

Have you seen It Follows? It’s not your typical horror flick. There is no ghost or ghoul hanging out in the shadows, waiting to scare the shit out of the lead character and the audience alike. The thing haunting It Follows main character slowly and consistently follows her wherever she goes, and occasionally, to our horror and hers, it catches up with her. The terror is chaotic and visceral. The horror elevated because, not only do you know it’s coming, you can see it.

“You Own Your Bones”, the first song released from WTCHS debut LP–appropriately titled, She Walks, She Creepsfinds this band of Hamiltonians sticking to  It Follows’ formula: tension, dread, release, repetition.

Every part of WTCHS trudges back and forth as they try to convince us that “You own/you own/your own/your bones/ your bones/your bones/ they are/ your own” with astrong but terrifying conviction. Eventually, a trumpet and saxophone join in on the romp (courtesy of Eschaton) and  that’s when things start to waver. It’s getting closer; you can feel it,  aalmost see it coming. When it finally it catches up to the listener and all hell breaks loose. WTCHS’ true enormity catches up with them and they can’t help but explode. 

Accepting that you are in charge of your own future is tough to come to grips with, but  you get past your fears and anxieties, you’re left with  relative calm. It’s caught you and that’s ok. “You Own Your Bones” concludes with a two minute exhale and should leave listeners excited for what else will sneak up on them on She Walk, She Creeps.

Sienna Dahlen, Ice Age Paradise
Sienna Dahlen
Ice Age Paradise
His Clancyness, Ottawa ON
His Clancyness
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