“With Heat”

Bodywash calls their song “With Heat”, but in reality it’s bone-chilling. The reverb-laden track is haunted — not by ghosts, but by memories, decisions. Choices made and consequences accepted, dealt out like playing cards from a deck that’s all jokers. Fingers are crossed as the dealer shuffles, hoping this time it’s going to be different, but this hand, like all of them, has been predetermined. Against your better judgement, you play on. You’ve no choice; the alternative is toxic stasis, rotting in place with no way forward. 

“With Heat” is a three-minutes-and-change exorcism of misery and misfortune. Amidst washes of synths and layers of feedback and guitar hum, Bodywash moves forward, looking for signs and opportunities to change the narrative, to wake from the dream, to finally get on a winning streak and reverse fortunes. In the end, they succumb to the tension; a prolonged swell of guitar abruptly drops off, leaving it up to the listener to decide if luck is finally on their side. The choice is yours: will you call, raise, or fold?

Rae Spoon
Mental Health
Liquid Colours