Amos the Kid
“What Did You Do”

Drunkenness and sloppiness go hand-in-hand — just ask anyone who’s consumed alcohol. They’ll likely have a horror story accompanied by laughter or wincing. Experiences with alcohol are, therefore, a hearty source of song material, be it the heightening of deliriousness in Ben Everyman’s “2 AM Drunk” or the need to get the hell away from the drink in “Home For a Rest”.

What Amos the Kid (Amos Nadlersmith et al) does differently in “What Did You Do” is treat the story of a particularly sloppy night at a bar (specifically the Handsome Daughter in Winnipeg) with warmth and perhaps nonchalance. The track is immediately endearing and has the energy of a Shotgun Jimmie concoction: positive, no-frills, no wasted time. There’s no instrumental build-up, just three straight, exuberant minutes of catchy alt-country.

Nadlersmith’s lyrics tell a story without really being a story. He hones in on just a few discernable things: there are beer cans, he has drunk from those beer cans, and people are staring. The lack of specifics makes it a pretty accurate representation of the memory lapses people have after drinking. When Jensen Fridfinnson joins in on vocals in the chorus, the story becomes a communal experience. You may not want to experience drinking too much, but if it happens, at least you’ve got friends nearby.

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