Luna Li

You know what’s hard? Getting out of bed every morning. Here are a few more things that are hard: arriving to work on time, maintaining meaningful relationships (romantic or otherwise), keeping your living space clean, properly nourishing your body. We do not celebrate accomplishing any one of these things nearly enough, so allow me to wholeheartedly congratulate you if you have done so today.

In her new single “Trying”, Luna Li (Hannah Bussiere Kim) acknowledges how hard living every day can be and celebrates the very act of trying. Thanks to the wobbly synth notes and swirling violin melody, “Trying” is a tilted-sounding pop song that feels like you just got off a carousel ride. But for those familiar, it really sounds like how it feels to be light-headed from anxiety. In the middle of the swirl, though, is Bussiere Kim hoping that things will look different in the fresh morning light and dead-set on trying to figure things out: “I’ve been trying,” she croons repeated in the chorus.

Because all we can really do is try our best.

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