Tropic Harbour
“New Life”

Levi Manchak

Do you feel it? It’s time for another spring awakening. Earth is itching with new growth and the sun’s getting ready to show off its buffed up, super hot summer body. Edmonton’s Mark Berg is ready to move on, too. “New Life”—the newest song from Berg’s recording project Tropic Harbour—is an ode to starting over that blossoms with a radiant positivity.

Berg’s blissful synthpop melodies can thaw the coldest of hearts. “New Life” is a smooth blend of looking backward and forward all at one time. Berg’s lyrics reflect an understanding that the past informs the present and future. The song springs from the dissolution of a relationship but never dwells in depression and self-pity. Tropic Harbour’s naturally sunny musical disposition impresses “New Life” with healthy optimism about how even the most difficult situations in life can lead to growth.

Dan Misha Goldman, Champions of the Afterworld
Dan Misha Goldman
Champion of the Afterworld
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