Between Gigs
“Time’s Wasted”

Sabrina Roberts

Time spent creating art is never time wasted; Yellowknife-based singer-songwriter Robyn Turner embraces that philosophy. As Between Gigs, he’s taking his time building up an arsenal of reflective, relatable songs based on personal experiences, and putting them out into the world one EP at a time. He’s set a goal of releasing an EP a month from now until September 2018.

“Time’s Wasted” is one of two songs on March EP, a mighty-but-melancholy guitar-based meta-song that Turner says is about the process of writing the song itself and “the feelings you’re left with when you decide that what you’ve worked on is completed.” “Time’s Wasted” gets its magic from existing in the space between the calm of contentment and itch of inspiration; the feeling that creative momentum is about to take you on a powerful journey of artistic expression.

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