The Love Between
"Believe It"

The Love Between, St. Catharines/Toronto, ON
Matt Forsythe

1991 was a hell of a year musically, but it’s 2016 now, and somethings are best left in the past. Others, like the dizzying din of UK shoegaze guitar and blistering American-made indie rock seem to get better with age. So does the output of artists influenced by originals like My Bloody Valentine and Guided By Voices; whether made by young punks hearing Loveless for the first time, or seasoned players who’re old enough to remember the start of the Scene That Celebrates Itself, there’s still something immediate, almost visceral about music that pairs straight-ahead rock with whirling guitar drone.

That rush comes flooding in with the first few bars of “Believe It” from the Love Between. Evan Sue-Ping (My Pet Genius) and Scott Warren (Bronx Cheerleader) have been making music longer than some (okay, most) of DOMINIONATED’s contributors have been alive, accumulating healthy record collections and a wealth of influences along the way. Friends since those halcyon days of Toronto’s mid-90s indie scene, it’s taken time and the alignment of opportunity for the two friends to work together. Along with bassist Andre Skinner (who served as the band’s in-house producer) and drummer Marshall Bureau, Sue-Ping and Warren channel influences from their past to make modern music in the present. Believe you me, “Believe It” sounds as fresh right now as “Blown a Wish” did back in the day.

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