“The Light”

Fuck stereotypes. Screw all y’all who get all out of sorts by anyone and anything that doesn’t align with your neat and tidy conventions. Look around, people: we, “the freaks,” have you outnumbered.

Leading the charge with a voice as powerful as a battering ram is Begonia’s Alexa Dirks. “The Light” is whip-smart pop that embraces being who you are and giving a middle finger to the impossible expectations and standards society places on people. She does it with style, a little sass, and a heaping dose of positivity. Begonia’s sound is a seamless blend of old soul sophistication and punchy pop.

Both Dirks’s voice and message are equally resonant. She places emphasis on her singing and on giving her lyrics nuance and subtext. It’s a skill that often gets taken for granted, in that words and lyrics often carry the emotional weight of a song, but on “The Light”, Begonia’s performance itself is powerful, impassioned and packs a hefty punch.

Between The Bridges