“The Great Orator”

Rachel Pick

Some songs take time to grow on you. Others persuade you within seconds that you’ll be listening to them on repeat well into the foreseeable future. In the midst of worldwide debates over genre definitions (“Old Town Road”, anyone?), Kuri’s “The Great Orator” quiets our inner critic with inviting, thoughtful music.

“The Great Orator” is commanding without resorting to forcefulness. Every passage is crafted with certainty, showing off Kuri’s songwriting talents and multi-instrumental proficiency. A piano loop persists, demanding that we engage with our woozy contradictions and uncertainties. There’s no sense of redundancy due to the way each note is articulated to match his words. “Everyone is numb, I used to be too,” he sings. A response is usually found in the strings, which swoon and torment at the same time. “The Great Orator” is a song that compliments our mental pinball games. It also celebrates the days when we finally wake up feeling ready to venture away from introversion.

An abrupt cut-off to the climax leaves the contemplative emotions cultivated by Kuri open-ended. How do we find peace with who we are while working towards who we want to be? Kuri comments on the potential of our self-awareness, regardless of whether or not we think anyone else is noticing the things that we are.

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