The Avulsions
“The End”

Sebastian Buzzalino

Happy Blue Monday to you! Today is the scientifically-calculated-most-depressing day of the year, based on a formula of time since the end of Christmas, the probability of bone-chilling winter weather, the incoming credit card debts, the number of broken New Year’s resolutions, and the overall low sense of motivation. What better way to celebrate than with the apocalyptic, goth-gloom-pop of “The End” from Saskatoon’s the Avulsions.

2018 is destined to be an exciting year for the Avulsions, who’ll release Expanding Program, their debut full length in March. “The End” is a churning nuclear reactor of their trademark dystopian sound: full-throttle drum rolls, towering guitars, and the very sound of civilization imploding in on itself. Singer and multi-instrumentalist Samantha Renner’s voice rises from the ash and rubble like a high priestess, as bandmates Joanna Graves, Brianna Whitmore, and Josh Rohs blow the temple doors open with their powerful scorched earth orchestrations.