Tanya Tagaq

Tanya Tagaq by Katrin-Braga

Tanya Tagaq’s latest album Retribution will be a defining album for Canada’s most original and integral modern artist. Not only does it occupy untouched spaces of sonic fury and guttural beauty but its’ message and mood will become woven into our history.

How the Canadian Government and the citizens of this country handle climate change and reconciliation will be a weight on the backs of future generations–so long as we get there–for hundreds of years.

Justin Trudeau has announced the approval of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline and Enbridge’s Line 3 Pipeline Replacement Project. Accommodating and consulting First Nations is all the government is required to do when planning major projects like these but according to Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr they do not need “free prior and informed consent.”

It is likely the pipelines will be met with noisy protest from Coast Protectors, enough to halt the process entirely.

I’d like to suggest that Coast Protectors, and all Canadians really, take the call to action at the heart of “Retribution” and the song itself as an anthem and mission statement of their fight.  

“Retribution” moves with a focused propulsion that is simultaneously calming and energizing ; perhaps ‘calmly energized’ is the right mindset for protesters and activists to have, at least to start.  

The mantra during its’ introduction speaks directly to the effect money and oil production and relocation have had on Mother Earth. “We squander her soil and suck out her sweet, black blood, burn it. We turned money into God and salivate over opportunities to crumple and crinkle our souls for that paper, that gold. Money has spent us.”

“Demand awakening” from those who don’t see how this would profoundly affect future generations of Canadians both environmentally and on the path to reconciliation.

As “Retribution” reaches its climax and Tagaq lets out her final cry, there is such a satisfying release that it clears your mind, makes you see things clearly and makes you want to stand up for the future.

Take Tanya Tagaq’s art to heart.  Let it inspire you to look at things differently. “Ignite. Stand upright. Conduct yourself like lightening because the retribution will be swift.”

Cocolat, Rencontrer Looloo
Rencontrer Looloo