"Cape Canaveral"

Justin Tracey

Summer is terrible for you self-esteem. It’s too damn hot to cover it all up as we love to do in the chillier months. Even with minimal clothing on you are constantly sweating, feeling heavy and nasty. Work slows down, the fully employed go on holidays leaving the semi and self-employed twiddling their thumbs and the unemployed still unemployed.

On top of this, for me specifically, I’ve been letting (at least) two things get me down this summer; the widespread unpopularity of genuinely great rock music and the fact that I can’t even play guitar well enough to do anything about it.

So imagine my surprise, approaching the end of Sportsfan’s debut EP Bad Summer, as Ali Haberstroh speaks directly to me. While she doesn’t have a solution to my rock-problems, at least I know I’m not alone.  “Cape Canaveral” captures the insecurities and heaviness of summer perfectly and leads me to believe that better things are around the corner for rock n’ roll, me and Sportsfan.

Joni Mitchell, Hejira
Joni Mitchell
Un Blonde, Good Will Come To You
Un Blonde
Good Will Come To You