Cameron Mitchell

There’s a wealth of texture, mood, and musicality on “Spirit”, the debut single from Riches. Catherine McCandless’s post-Young Galaxy solo project announces itself with conviction and in style. “Spirit” is vociferous, a “true statement of intent” as the project’s Bandcamp page states. Its persistent, hypnotic rhythm, coupled with McCandless’s near chant-like vocal prowess is an absolutely stunning departure from what followers and fanatics have come to love and expect from Young Galaxy. Is that beat driven by drums? Are those synths burning that melody into your brain? Are there even any guitars? Who cares with a song this magnificently spun.

As its title suggests, “Spirit” is a creative possession, a channelling of new energies, new power, and new focus through a familiar artist. The song pulsates with dark passion. Once set amidst the accompanying video, with McCandless at the centre of a sect-like mystic ritual, “Spirit” becomes a transcendent musical experience. In a word, it’s spell-binding.

Aaron Dolman
“Willow Bunch”