Eden Samara

Mich Chiu

Repeatedly, and with an optimism that runs counter to the modern malaise she’s railing against, Eden Samara insists she wants “to make you feel something” — anything — and turn even the most toxic relationship into a positive learning experience. That very human response courses through the synthetic textures of “Robots”, a song off Days, Samara’s forthcoming debut EP. Amid the song’s rigid and sterile beats pulses an organic sincerity. Like many who’ve been immersed in our emotion-numbing social networking society for far too long, Samara has had enough. Rather than walk through the world mechanically making friends, connections, and relationships, she’s making what has become a radical choice: to be human and be present. Juxtaposing Eden Samara’s musical palate with her sweeter-than-sweet voice, “Robots” will make you feel all kinds of feels.

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