Kings of Our Kin
“Right or Wrong”

A Nash

Two years ago, Kings of Our Kin released their self-titled EP and went on a small Ontario-wide tour. I happened to be at the right place at the right time and caught them live at the Starlight Social Club in Waterloo, Ontario. Their energy electrified the room from their first song and continued through to the end of their set. That energy stayed with me; I looked them up when I got home and discovered more details about the music to enjoy the more I listened. The lyrics were well thought out and told a story, which is something that appeals to me in the music I listen to. The EP itself lacked a certain level of quality in recording, but their energy made up for it. 

Now, Kings of Our Kin have released a new single ahead of an album that is hopefully coming out later this year, and it’s like hearing them at Starlight again. The track, “Right or Wrong,” feels similar both stylistically and lyrically to their EP, but there have been some definite changes in Kings of Our Kin’s sound between then and now. Tom Andrew’s lead vocals are polished and (guest vocalist) Sam Depatie’s harmonies shine, thanks in part to a bumping up of the recording quality. Kings of Our Kin have added new depth to their sound: gritty distortion on the bass, bouncy rhythm guitars, and spacey leads on top of it all. “Right or Wrong” is a refreshing evolution in sound for the band and hits all the right notes as an exciting prelude for more music to come.

“Vibrant Colours”