Pick a Piper
"Geographically Opposed"

Colin Medley

Counting all the ways you can measure distance is a mind-expanding exercise. Think about it: the obvious method is a linear measure of space and geography, but there’s more that separates humans than continents and oceans. Canadians preferred measurement of distance is time,  favouring “It’ll take you 20 minutes to get there,” as opposed to acknowledging the kilometres between your current location and destination. Perhaps the greatest gulf between us is philosophy and mindset. Could there be any wider chasm between two people sitting directly across from each other than their unique human nature?

Pick a Piper’s Brad Weber is no stranger to crossing long distances and making connections. Being the drummer in Caribou has given him a unique perspective on how to engage in a solo project built around collaboration. A collaborative solo project sounds like a dichotomy separated by impossible distances, but Weber’s beats and rhythms beautifully bridge the gap.

“Geographically Opposed” has a quirky origin story that involves distance, one that Weber recently shared with FACT. An email from New Zealander Bevan Smith (aka Introverted Dancefloor) addressed to the wrong Brad led the two friends to an exchange of music and ideas that eventually resulted in Distance, the forthcoming Pick a Piper album that “Geographically Opposed” opens. Smith lends a breathy lightness to “Geographically Opposed”. Whispered down the digital pipeline from the South Pacific to Weber’s Waterloo, ON home, Smith’s vocals rise from Weber’s simmering instrumental mix like steam.

They may be on two sides of the world,  but “Geographically Opposed” finds both Weber and Smith perfectly in sync.

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