Blue Youth
“The Past”

It was George Bernard Shaw that said “Youth is wasted on the young,” but it was Young Galaxy that really got me thinking about it. Seriously, what’s the point in being a grumpy curmudgeon about the seeming ignorance of the young? Is that not a bigger waste of time than the perceived crime? I’m the first to admit there’s a long list of should-have-dones and missed opportunities dotting my past, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend my present begrudging anyone younger for doing the same things that I did when I was their age.

What does this old-man rant have to do with Regina’s Blue Youth? If I’m being honest, very little, other than to say that Blue Youth is made up of members who’ve been around a number of other bands, and they’ve rediscovered the fire of fierce and fast post-punk from the early part of this century. “The Past”, from their recently released self-titled EP, is an unapologetic, hard hitting blast of screaming angst. No matter your age, you’ve all been where Blue Youth is at on “The Past”. Whether you’re emotional outlet is hot yoga, transcendental meditation, or white-hot, screaming hardcore trash-rock, this level of energy is impossible to restrain.

Don’t waste another minute.

Plasmalab, Love/Life