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"Personal Weekend"


This weekend, Monday is my Sunday, Sunday is my Fun Day, Saturday is like Friday Pt. 2, and Tuesday is a storm cloud waaaaaay off in the distance. Canada’s unofficial summer kick-off is here, and so is the season’s first unofficial anthem, Partner‘s “Personal Weekend”.

When life is nothing but a crate of lemons, the ladies of Partner know what to do with them: stomp them with your Docs, spike the juice with vodka and, and double fist it until you’re seeing everything in triplicate. While the rest of the world clocks in with the typical Monday to Friday, 9-5 grind, there’s a growing segment of the population that’s working for the weekend (actual) and kicking back mid-week. “Everything is gonna turn out just fine / I got a six-pack and a bottle of wine,” they sing, determined to make the most of a shitty situation. If only we all had that couldn’t-give-two-fucks outlook, we wouldn’t have to wait until the establishment says it’s time for fun.

Originally posted on Quick Before It Melts 23 May 2016.

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