“Comfort Zone”

Colin Medley

For over 10 years now, music blogging has been my personal comfort zone. Listening to music has always been my preferred leisure activity but in the last decade blogging about music has become an active, creative outlet that I can’t live without. For me, blogging is just as much about self-preservation as it is self-expression. Though I know and understand the role blogging plays in my life, its importance has never been clearer to me than it has in the last month.

Partner understand the need for self-care, too. The humour and enthusiasm they bring to “Comfort Zone” doesn’t take the edge of such meaningful subject matter; it sharpens the blade. Like all of Josée Caron and Lucy Niles’ rollicking post-punk anthems, “Comfort Zone” carves out time and space for peace (the personal variety) and gives everyone permission to close the door on the outside world for however long it takes to recharge and re-energize. Though I’d rather be earning my livelihood for doing my duties as legislated, I’ll make the most of every minute I get to spend in my personal comfort zone.

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Dan Misha Goldman, Champions of the Afterworld
Dan Misha Goldman
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