“Paper Chasin' Freestyle,” “2:15,” “Got You”

At DOMINIONATED, we’ve set up an online process where anyone can suggest an artist and share their music for our writers to check out. Everyone on the team can see, read, and hear what gets submitted, and we’re often pointing out to each other submissions to check out. Sometimes, as in the case with Toronto-born-and-based artist TRYZTN, we’re also asking each other if anyone knows anything about the artist (for the record, no one did). Aside from music made available on the big streaming platforms and a modest Instagram account (he turned 26 last month), TRYZTN keeps a low social media profile and lets his music speak for itself. 

The latest in a handful of singles is “Paper Chasin’ Freestyle,” a slow-burning ballad with a simple arrangement that, like its maker, feels like it’s holding back from revealing too much too soon. TRYZTN’s vocal style is smooth and silky, verging on full-out R&B crooning with the rhythm and pacing of a seasoned MC. It’s similar in tone and style to “2:15,” released earlier this year, a song perfectly suited to soundtrack one’s evening versus one’s daytime. TRYZTN gives off late-night vibes, evident right from last year’s “Got You,” an unhurried, soulful reassurance to the object of his affection that they’re in good hands as long as he’s around.

I did my best music journo digging (i.e. I sent some social media DMs) and got in touch with the man himself before publishing this post. It turns out the impression his music makes is pretty spot-on from what he intended: smooth R&B that sounds timeless, classic yet bristling with the energy of a new generation. TRYZTN says he aims to bring you into his world through his music. Mission accomplished. Like the anonymous submitter who initially put him on my radar suggested, the important thing is not that audiences know the intimate details of TRYZTN’s life, but that more people hear the intimate and personal details in his music.

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