Emily Kohne
“Our Favourite Year”

Buio Assis

“Our Favourite Year” by Emily Kohne is a song that defies all usual conventions of time. It exists in the present as the listener reminisces on a past moment while thinking about the future. Kohne recounts a tale that feels like an all-too familiar romance movie, while wistfully imagining a pleasant time to come.

Between the playful guitar and Kohne’s wavy vocals, the track feels like a bouncy walk down memory lane. Kohne invokes longstanding romance tropes while addressing someone who gives her “sunshine and butterflies/ even on the rainiest of days.” The folksy, feel-good tune is reminiscent of Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly” or Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” with its sweet lyrics, which craft the image of a simpler time.

While Kohne projects uncertainty over the budding romance in her lyrics, even going as far to ask the object of her affection to “finish what you started,” the confidence in her delivery makes you want to believe her when she insists, “this could be our favourite year.” “Our Favourite Year”makes you equal parts nostalgic for a faded past and optimistic for an uncertain future, all the while yearning for some semblance of simplicity in the present.

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