"Life Is Hard"

Joseph Fuda

We need more anthems. Truth-telling, brutally honest hymns to the way things are. Life is hard, and life has a way of kicking you when you’re down, but when you have the same convictions as Toronto-based producer Nyssa, you don’t let life keep you down for long.

In her own words, “Life Is Hard” is the “slurred beauty of the truth”, a snarling middle finger to all the brimstone and hellfire heaped upon the hedonists. With signature caustic wit, Nyssa is steadfast in her resolve: if life is handing her lemons, she’s going to squeeze those fuckers into a pulpy mess, pour some whiskey sours and toast the impending apocalypse.

We need more Nyssa, more rogues willing to take on the establishment. Weaponize the glitter guns and arm yourself with guts and gusto. We need more glorious, gushing love letters to rock and roll like “Life Is Hard” to remind us that no matter what befalls us, it’s always worth fighting for.

Chick White, Malform
Chik White