J. Hutton
“No Complaints”

No Complaints, J. Hutton

As the dog days of summer loom overhead, I’m reminded of slow nights, slow jams and….waking up early. Well, OK, I’m not much of a party person, but allow me to set a scene: Picture a quiet kitchen filled with good company, good food and quiet conversation. It’s the kind of night that for me, encapsulates the best parts of summer. It’s also a scene that calls for a certain type of soundtrack and “No Complaints” by Toronto’s J. Hutton is an ideal fit.

“No Complaints” makes a hell of an entrance. Foot stomps and handclaps form a smooth base off of which Hutton builds up a stone-cold groove. His vocals, which sound like a cross between Cody Chestnutt and D’Angelo, are tastefully bolstered by backing vocals in the choruses that drive the song forward. The chorus is incredibly effective, maintaining an originality while also sounding familiar; it’s what “Do I Wanna Know?” by Arctic Monkeys would sound like as a self-assured R&B/funk staple.

For all that the vocals do, the instrumentation here is top notch and cannot be discounted. Guitar licks and some punchy trumpet pierce the song with a jazzy edge, blending in rock and blues influences. Even a small guitar solo manages to find its way into the mix. It speaks volumes to Hutton’s ability to blend all these ingredients together into one slick, catchy slow jam that should definitely be on your radar.

With a great funky arrangement and some of the smoothest vocals I’ve heard in awhile, “No Complaints” can either kickstart a party or help wind it down. J. Hutton provides a perfect song for summer’s sultry days.

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