Jacques Greene
“Night Service (Feat. Cadence Weapon)”

Brad Casey

We had a ritual around church in my family when I was growing up. Every Saturday night, barring the odd wedding reception or another special event, my Mom and Dad trucked my sister and I off to our parish church for weekly mass. Originally, the service was right after dinner at 7:00 pm but at some point, the schedule switched over to a pre-meal start time of 5:00 pm. Regardless of when the services started, going to church on Saturday night felt sacrilegious to my secular, heathen brain. Saturday night was supposed to be about abandon and enjoyment; it was the night all the good TV shows were on, the night where adults dressed in their best polyester pantsuits and platforms and went to discos to boogie-woogie the night away. Saturdays were for staying up late to watch Saturday Night Live and blue movies on CityTV. I may have only been 7 years old, but I instinctively knew that there was somewhere else I’d rather be than mass.

“Night Service” confirms that my fears about missing out on something were wholly justified. Inspired by their own experiences on Saturday nights, producer Jacques Greene and Cadence Weapon’s banger of a track celebrates the sinful pleasures of underground nightlife. “Night Service” plays out like a hymn; devotional in its rhythm, glorifying the gritty vibe of the club in its lyrics, and inducing devotion through its beat. The song feels massive as if its music could fill a cathedral. Yet there’s an intimacy, thanks in large part to Cadence Weapon’s hushed performance, that makes “Night Service” a secret only you are privy to. A personal invitation from the duo— an initiation — to the faith.

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