Petra Glynt
“New Growth”

Mitchell Stafiej

There’s no doubt that the #MeToo movement has exposed the grim realities of the arts and entertainment industry. From once-acclaimed theatre directors to club owners, the movement has laid bare the inherent sexism and misogyny of so many industry gatekeepers. Montreal’s Petra Glynt (aka Alexandra Mackenzie) has been a staunch advocate for taking down the patriarchy that has ruled and dominated over the music industry since its early days. The core tenets of #MeToo are at the heart of her latest single “New Growth”, infusing Petra Glynt’s brand of art-punk and blunt lyricism with rhythmic, pulsing (and borderline industrial) dance beats. It’s a 21st-century drum circle pounding deep into the night.

Mackenzie’s sharp wit is highlighted in full: “Keep the feed flowing and watch us blow up,” she muses, as the movement gains more power and becomes stronger with each passing day. “New Growth” is confident, fully realizing Petra Glynt’s potential and potency as a songwriter. Her delivery blends the quiet storm of Shirley Manson with the upfront and direct approach of Meg Remy’s political pop. “New Growth” is a call-to-arms and an anthem all in one: “This shit can always get worse, but not today, my friend”.

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