Nancy Pants
"Yin Yang"

Nancy Pants, Montreal, QC
Atelier Junn

It starts with a collision of sounds akin to guitar strings snapping under extreme pressure, but by song’s end, Montreal’s Nancy Pants have expertly bounced “Yin Yang” along the border of bubblegum pop and gritty garage rock with the ease of seasoned tightrope walkers.

Not too loud, not too soft; not too long and not too short (but still over too soon), “Yin Yang” hangs on to summer’s vibe even as autumn’s cool chill starts to frost the air. Perfect music for mornings where you can see your breath, afternoons when you need a nap, and evenings when you need a sweater. In essence, it’s all-around, all-season musical goodness.

Code Pie, Pop Cycle
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