“In Between”

Amber Cleasby

Musicians have many ways to connote how pain has affected them. Some take to metaphor-laden lyrics while others strip away words entirely to leave listeners alone with their thoughts. margø, on the other hand, opts to be unapologetic and shoot for an anthem for the downtrodden.

It takes only a few seconds to feel “In Between”’s intent. margø makes an interesting choice by starting the song with a blast of heavy bass for a brief moment before switching to a simple piano riff. From there, she sings of her fractured self-worth. The lyrics refer to an unnamed “you,” and margø asks for guidance and help to get back to “normal” again. As she moves into the pre-chorus, she begins to recover bits of herself. She knows “I’m not broken, I’m just trying to find a way to my feet.”

And then, there’s the knockout chorus.  The heavy bass returns with a vengeance and a singalong breaks out: “I feel like I’m losing my mind/Oh save me, save me, save me.” The song alternates between the chorus’s loud declarations and the verses’ soft capitulations, but by the end, margø finally comes to a decision she’s made on her own. She takes back her power and reminds everyone that our self-worth isn’t dictated by anyone else’s opinions.       

Hannah Georgas
Imprints EP
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Shawn Mendes