Teen Daze
“Ice on the Windowsill”

Teen Daze
Sharalee Prang

“We have all been fans of Teen Daze since his Four More Years EP in 2010,” says Pick a Piper’s Brad Weber about his band’s choice of cover song for DOMINIONATED IV. “We chose ‘Ice On The Windowsill’ [from 2013’s Glacier LP] because it’s a really beautiful song that brings on a variety of emotions with each listen. We were curious [about] how we could interpret it in a way that would stay true to the original, whilst giving it a little dose of Pick a Piper.”

Weber says the end result is “…a slightly chillier and dancier version” of Teen Daze’s original. “In some ways [Pick a Piper’s version is] rougher around the edges and in others, crisper that the original.” Ultimately, though, Weber hopes Pick a Piper’s take on “Ice On The Windowsill” respects Teen Daze’s original, and communicates the fun the band had while recording it.

Pick a Piper‘s version of Teen Daze’s “Ice on the Windowsill” will be available as a free download on June 30, 2017, as part of DOMINIONATED IV, our fourth compendium of Canadian songs covered by Canadian artists.

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