“I With Mine”

Jen Squires

I first heard Anna Horvath’s radiant voice when she joined the band Old English in covering Leonard Cohen’s “Coming Back to You” for the first DOMINIONATED covers compilation back in 2014. Performing as Merival, Horvath had me playing the song on endless repeat and offered affirmation that asking a handful of Canadian artists to cover their favourite Canadian songs and let me release it for free was a very good idea.

“I With Mine” finds Merival making memorable music in her own right. It’s a delicately folksy ballad infused with a clear vision. Horvath’s voice dances around lyrical questions and answers, the uncomplicated arrangement revealing layers of detail with every repeated listen. “I With Mine” is music that’s as effortless as rainfall, Merival’s voice an umbrella to protect you and keep you safe as you stand out in the downpour, entranced. It is a very good idea, indeed.

Tim Baker
Forever Overhead
Kliffs EP