“I Don’t Wanna Live On The Moon (Without U)”

Colin Medley

The premise of “I Don’t Wanna Live On The Moon (Without U)” by Nyssa is simple but absolutely packed with the kind of detail that makes for an epic tale of love and loss. 

A rich girl falls for a poor lover in the age of environmental catastrophe. Her father wants to send her to the moon to avoid all the instability and dangers of climate-caused-crisis (one that he hopes to speed along, to move to the moon with his friends, obviously). Our protagonist, however, does not want to go without her lover, surely upsetting her evil father in the process. After a brisk three minutes, we have no idea what the fate of these lovers is, but the imagination runs wild with all the tragic and/or absurd outcomes of this modern conundrum. Shakespeare would be proud. 

“I Don’t Wanna Live On The Moon (Without U)” is a fresh take on the classic ill-fated lovers’ quarrel, executed with Springsteenian authenticity and just enough tongue-in-cheek camp for the song to feel well-rounded, endlessly playable, and like an instant classic.

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