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Men I Trust
“I Hope to be Around”

It’s a brand new year, so I got a new notebook. Its pristine, crisp pages are calling to me: “Fill me with promises. Fill me with hopes. This year, keep the dream alive.” It’s a summons similar to the one Montreal’s Men I Trust share on the song “I Hope to be Around”. “I hope to be around / The day we grasp in truth,” goes the opening line, as light, minimal disco bounces around the song’s airy atmosphere.

“I Hope to be Around” is the very definition of a clean, blank page. Mantras take the place of traditional verse/chorus structures; visualizations of a future self—of finding one’s truth and becoming it. The bassline flows like an uncapped roller ball pen, writing rhythms and setting a course for what comes next. Hope? Anticipation? Trepidation? It’s all possibility, all probability: “I dream of my future / Remote from time bounds / Becoming myself / In truth.”

Sylo Nozra
“Desire (feat. Goldchain)”
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