“hide & seek”

Alicia Owen

The beginning of a relationship is just an elongated game of hide-and-seek. You don’t want to seem too eager for love — even though you are — so you are aloof when it comes to responding to messages or finalizing plans. You wait two days after a date to say you had a good time. You leave your crush on read. You cross the street when you see them walking around your neighbourhood. It’s all just like when you used to sign in and out of MSN Messenger hoping that your crush will notice and message you first (they won’t).

Toronto band nutrients are caught in a game of hide-and-seek on their latest single from their debut self-titled album that’s due out later this month. The slinky guitars and strutting bass line on this jangle-pop track bop like heads peeking out from behind the couch curious  to see if the seeker is closeby. Meanwhile, Taylor Teeple, in a breezy falsetto, invites listeners over in one breath and in the next admits, “I don’t want to talk to you anymore.” At one point a group of whispering voices emerge and the effect is unsettling: who are these people talking about?

“hide & seek” thrives because of this balance: instrumentally it’s a cool and calm song but the same anxiety that makes you act distant and cross the street, and made you sign in and out of MSN Messenger, lingers right underneath its surface.

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